Writer Debate: The Oxford Comma

If you've been writing for very long, then you've undoubtedly heard about the debate over the Oxford comma. To use it or not to use it? That is the question. From a young age, we're conditioned to use the Oxford comma, also known as the serial comma. In fact, I think in grade school most… Continue reading Writer Debate: The Oxford Comma


Working at Textbroker: Writing Orders

Once you select an order, then you can begin writing it. Click on the order to open it, and then you'll be presented with something like this: Here you'll find everything you need to know about the order. TheĀ Order ID is the number ID that Textbroker has assigned to the order for internal purposes. (You… Continue reading Working at Textbroker: Writing Orders

Writing for Textbroker: Claiming Orders

Once you've applied for a position as an author at Textbroker and have submitted your sign-up article and gotten accepted, then it's time to begin writing orders. When you first log into your Textbroker account, you'll be presented with the homepage dashboard. The homepage features your profile and numerous tabs running across the top of… Continue reading Writing for Textbroker: Claiming Orders

Textbroker: The Best Content Mill

Now that you know a bit about content mills, you're probably interested in learning more about the different ones out there and which one you should get started with. Although I've written for numerous content mills over the years, the one that I've personally experienced the most success with is Textbroker. That's why I took… Continue reading Textbroker: The Best Content Mill


Getting Started with Freelance Writing: Writing Boards Vs. Content Mills

One of the most difficult parts of freelance writing, or any writing for that matter, is getting started. If you've never freelanced before, you likely have no clue how to go about doing it. Where do you get clients? Where do you go to look for them? All of these are valid questions and ones… Continue reading Getting Started with Freelance Writing: Writing Boards Vs. Content Mills